The Golden truck Moving Company "we understand that you are not Just Moving your belongings but your treasure"

moving nyc with honest prices. we are the only moving company in the world to post their prices online. can the competition say that?

The Golden Truck Moving Company

Our Goal is to offer proffesional Moving services to all New York and New Jersey Residents. Our moving philosophy is simple, we understand that everyone is not just moving their belonnging, they are moving their treasure. We focus around this concept to provide high quality moving services. Our movers are trained to treat everyone with the respect everyone deserves. We can disassemble and reassemble anything. We also offer flat rate and hourly rate to fit with your needs. We are a Fully licensed and Insured moving company. We can provide free a Certificate of Insurance C.O.I. Call or Text for your next free quote and we hope to serve you on your next moving journey.

we offer a wide variety of moving service packages

Here at The Golden Truck Moving Company we understand that each move is unique and Special

We offer multiple moving services to adjust to your moving needs.

*Full Service Moving

*Hourly Moving services

*Flat Rate Moving Services

*Local Moves

*Long Distance Moves

*Residential Moves

*Commercial and Office Moves

*Packing & Unpacking

*Disassemble & Reassemble

*Delivery Services

*Cleaning and Junk Removal

Full-service Moves

Don't want to lift a finger? No worries, we have you covered.

Enjoy the stress free moving process of full service moves. Your only job for this service is to relax and enjoy the moving experience. Full service moves are our speciality. Because we believe in honesty here is what you can expect on moving day.

Step 1 :Our team comes with all the packing material you need, from boxes, tapes, bubble wrap and more.

Step 2 :Our professional movers pack your apartment, we break down the beds and wrap all the furniture, pack everything in boxes, we unmount TV's, Mirrors, and make everything golden move ready.

Step 3 :Our movers carefully load the trucks with all your treasure.

Step 4 :We drive to your new location, we text you a link for you to track down the trip the entire way.

Step 5 :Our moving team brings everything to your new home. We remove all the plastic, bubble wrap, and blankets from your furniture.

Step 6 :We rebuild all the furniture, and place it at your desire space.

Have a question or would like to request a quote? Call/text 646)708-4344 for a non obligation moving consultation.

have control of your budget with our hourly rate moving options

Hourly Moving Rates perfect for smaller jobs or when you want to have absolute control of your Budget

With hourly rates, our customers have absolute control of what they spend and how they spend it. Our hourly rate option is perfect for smaller jobs; from a single room to a small apartment. With hourly rate moving services, you will always receive upfront pricing, giving you the tools you need to budget your total hours for your upcoming move. What can our team do with the hourly rate moving option; our movers can disassemble and reassemble, move your apartment and help you setup your new home. We also protect your furniture with moving blankets or plastic wrap.

Have a question or would like to request a quote? Call/text (646)708-4344 for a non obligation moving consultation.

Flat Rates Moves

Move With Piece of Mind With Our Flat Rate Moves

Our iconic Flat Rate Moving Services allow our customers to know exactly what they have to pay. The Flat Rate Moving Service is a Golden Truck specialty, as we believe in keeping things straight forward, and simple to avoid stressing out hard working customers. Because everyone's moving needs are unique, we have tailored a special and personal flate rate prices for absolutely everyone to ensure that they will recieve our golden quality. Our goal is to match our services to exactly what you need, and yes we also hate hiding fees. Hidden fees are not a part of our service, as our moving prices are tailored for effiency and convenience. Our prices are clear and simple, as we feel that there is already enough stressed tied with moving. Our approch to moving is with the outmost respect to every family.

Have a question or would like to request a quote? Call/text (646)-708-4344 for a non obligation moving consultation

Local Moving

Move Locally for as Little As $300

Our dedicated team will make your next local move an easy transition. Whether you are moving just around the corner or a few miles away, our movers will take great care of you and your furniture. They will make the moving process as easy as possible. We always wrap the furniture, and get this, it is a golden truck specialty, free of charge. We offer moving rates for as low as $199 and we can Provide a C.O.I for any building.

Have a question or would like to request a quote? Call/text (646)708-4344 for a non obligation moving consultation.

long distance moves

Long Distance Moves Starting as Little as $1,299

Sit back, relax, and enjoy as we bring your golden treasure to your new paradise. Let our professional team handle all the hard work, and tedious parts of moving. We guarantee same day or next day delivery. We wrap and load your house/apartment into our trucks. We drive directly to your new home and our goal is to have you set up the same day. Our movers work around the clock to handle everything on a single day. In the event that you are moving far, like New York to Florida, We guarantee next day delivery. However the most important thing about our Long Distance Moving Service is that your belongings are insured, we don't share truck space with another client, and finally you will be able to track your moving truck in real time.

Need more information or would like to request a quote? Please call or text (646)708-4344. Have a great trip!

Local Professional movers in NYC

Residential Moving Services

We offer a great selection of residential moving services. We offer moving services for a room, studio apartment,  1 bedroom apartment, 2 bedroom apartment or a big house. Out team of highly trained movers are ready to help you. Take advantage of our affordable residential moving services. Have any questions call or text at (646) 708-4344

Our team is ready to help you on all of your moving needs call or text (646) 708-4344

Local and long distance moving services

We offer local and long distance moving services. We offer affordable moving prices. Call or text (646) 708-4344 or 

Very professional movers in Brooklyn NY

Residential Moving Services

We always take good care of your items

Great movers all day every day

Local and long distance moving services available

terms and conditions

The Golden Truck Moving Company is committed to up-front pricing and no hidden fees

Refund Policy

* Clients are entitled for 100% deposit refund before 10 days of the designated moving date.

* Clients are entitled to 50% deposit refund before 5 days of the designated moving date

* Deposit refunds are not available for cancelations 5 days prior of the moving date.

* By hiring our services, the clients agree that once the move is complete there will be no possible refunds available.